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Welcome to our web page. This is an info page for our wedding (Phew... at last) at Bhopal(MP). It will have alot of information that you might not need but still good to know :)
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Sehrin & Rafi

From A to B(hopal): The wedding venue.

You decide on your journey, of course, i. e. when to arrive and when to depart. If you are planning to get to know Sehrin’s beautiful home town more extensively, however, there is no reason why you shouldn’t arrive a bit earlier and/or leave later. If you will only be staying for the wedding, we suggest arrival on Thursday night and departure on Sunday afternoon.

Air travel

Bhopal has one airport only, so there is nothing to go wrong on, really. Just contact us before reaching and we will get you picked up from the airport.

By car

If you are a local and you want to reach the wedding venue directly, you can follow the map below.

By bus or train

For Outstationed and with lesser distances (Delhi), rail travel will probably be a better option than air travel.

How to find accommodation

As a guest you will be living with us. at Idgah Hills/Kohefiza depending on whom you want to see more (Sehrin or Rafi :D)

How to get around

We will provide transportation from the ceremony to the party location, of course. But once you are in town, you surely will want to see some of the sights Bhopal has to offer. Well, there are several options to get around, actually:

Taxi or ”chauffeur service”

Like in all big cities, you can get a taxi anywhere – so far, so good.
For booking affordable taxis can contact Mr Aazim (the jugadu) tel. +91-8085768085.

By the way: If you need a taxi or chauffeur on our party evening, just ask the {Party Location} staff. They will order it for you.

Rental car or own car?

Obviously, you are most flexible ’on your own four wheels’.
Please note: NO alcohol allowed for drivers, legally there is a zero alcohol tolerance. Jumping the lights (crossing a red light) has you lose your license if you get caught. Motorcyclists are allowed to pass on your right-hand side.
It might be worthwhile teaming up with somebody for renting a car. Really good rental car bargains can be found e.g. at

Public transport

Public transport basically sucks at Bhopal. So dont take this as a a viable option.

What a funny language...

Nobody will have to go as far as doing a language course to make an impression on the Bhopalis, but some basic vocabulary might come in handy.
The standard greeting, if people know each other, is a handshake, People are very friendly so they tend to hug when they meet. Males do that only if they are really close friends. If you are not quite sure, wait a second for your counterpart to approach you. At first encounters a handshake is appropriate.

are kha tameez se isscrech na aaye.
Ustaad rokke chalna,ek ladies aa rayi hengi!in minibus/tempo
Bhot lehra riya hega.for piloting
Miya kallaat(kal-raat) se bhot STD(acidity) ho rayi hegi pet mein
Lapak maal hai be OR Bhot sipal item hai be -girl is so beautiful
Ko Khan, Kaise?-How are you?
Ama aapki gaadi to paidal ho gayi - Engine is seized
Aliases for girlfriend - Seat,Party,Setting,Kancha,Got,Goti,daau,Female,Fanti,jaan.
Are medam bachon ko god mein bitha lo-to make space in mini bus
Aajaao bashten bashten bashtenBus stand
Second Panch Cheh Saat Dus Gyarah,barah sau pachas.Minibus conductor reciting the route of the bus.
Rok Ke Rok Ke Rok Ke-Minibus conductor asking the Driver to stop to pickup or drop off passenger
Kon Khan Kan Ja Riye Ho-where r u going?
Haan Khan Pathan Khairiyat!-Askin d person if he is alright
kalmein kaise beh rahi hai.
ekdum bhannaat lag riya hega feel gud
Bhai Ko- short for bhai ko salaam
Bhayan - Bhaijaan Big Bro.
Taap-n-Taun - Top-n-Townfamous ice cream parlour

What, When, Where?

The Nikah ceremony starts at around 4:30 p.m. (Namaz-e-Asr) at Idgah Masjid. in Bhopal.

After the ceremony we form a noisy, honking convoy of cars / shuttle bus and go to the dinner {Party Location}.

One thing at a time

For just a rough idea of what to expect on the day, please refer to the time schedule below. To leave room for a surprise here and there, not every detail has been added, of course.

4:30 p.m. 1st NovWedding ceremony at Idgah Masjid
8 p.m. 1st NovArrival of Baraat at Gulshan Garden
9:00 p.m. 1st NovDinner (lot of eating, and even more eating )
11 p.m. 1st NovParty Hard!
8 p.m. 2nd NovDaawat-e-Walima
9 p.m. 2nd NovEven more eating.

Who are you wearing?

When it comes to dress code, everybody should wear what he or she likes best. Choose an outfit you feel good in. As we indicated before, the theme of our wedding is ”Tradition”, which means that more or less ’anything’ goes as long as it fits into that motto.
You’ve been dreaming about putting on your Mickey Mouse tie, but never had the chance? Your yellow chucks would match your evening dress just perfectly? Well, go for it then!
Obviously, you can also wear a classic outfit. We are happy as long as you’ve spruced yourself up a little and feel good about your attire.

So, basically, there are only a few things to be observed:

What’s that
supposed to mean?

Forget everything. Just come to Bhopal.

I’m packing my bag...

Don’t forget

For the wedding day:

  • Printout of the map of the area
  • High spirits!

Here is a smal checklist for your trip:
  • Camera
  • Rokda
  • Shoes
  • Charger(s) for camera/cell phone
  • Sun cream/lotion (!)
  • Headgear (if you are sensitive to heat)
  • Medicine

We’ll keep a seat for you!

So glad that you’re going to join us! Here you can check your data once again and make necessary changes, if any.

We are expecting you..

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us for unanswered questions, if any. Write a mail to mrafi@mrafi.in or sehrin_khan29@yahoo.co.in or call Rafi: 9591965753.
If you want to surprise us in any way on our wedding day, please contact our ”Karta-Dharta” (wedding organizer) Aazim/Faran and make the necessary arrangements with him. He will know where to place your surprise on the time schedule.

You can further call
Allu (Tede)+91-9713018787


This marriage ceremony is the result of tireless work, help and know-how of these individuals:

RafiIs the groom ofcourse.
SehrinIs the beautiful bride.
Ishrat AleemRafi's Mom
Asma LatifSehrin's Mom
Abdul AleemSehrin's Father in Law
Latif KhanRafi's Father in Law
Mohammad Aazim
Sarosh HussainB'loved cousin
Faran Khan
Mani Bhai
TedeDid absolutely nothing at all.