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I am a Programmer, Software Architect and love all things Data.

Seasoned Engineer / Data Science Manager. Specialize in designing, developing, and evolving the modern data science solutions and products. Understands business with a strong engineering background and good mentoring experience.

More about me

I am a software developer with a passion for data at scale. I have a background in computer science. I am currently working as a Principal Architect at Pitney Bowes in India.

I like to tinker with electronics and constantly work on crappy ideas during my free time. I am a Father of 2 and a typical family man.

Here are my favourite tech stacks
  • Python
  • Java
  • Big data stacks on distributed computing
  • Big Data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Bigquery, Cassandra
  • Data science deployment tools like Sagemaker
  • Visualization engines like PowerBI, tableau
  • ETL Tools like

Work Experience

Principal Architect / Manager: Data Analytics, Data Science - Pitney Bowes
Apr 2017 - present

Managing Data Analytics / Data Science team for Sendtech vertical of PB. Building high performance teams, creating DS models to help Business and improving products

  • Leading Data Analytics / Data Science team for Sendtech business
  • Build and manage Reporting solutions, Business Intelligence Dashboards and Data science products
  • Developed an AdTech platform based on Location Intelligence (PB) and Location Trace data
Principal Engineer - niki
July 2016 - Mar 2017

Managing and mentoring team of Engineers Building a chat bot which works as a concierge for doing transactions for Indian markets.

  • Filed a patent on “Dialogue manager using Dynamic State machines”. This is the central engine for the chatbot at Niki.
  • Developed a generic Natural language generator to support multiple languages and dialects.
Senior Software Engineer - InMobi
May 2013- July 2016

Worked in multiple teams, worked closely with product

  • Geo Enrichment Service, App Metadata and Performance business
  • Geo used to serve over 2 Billion request per day
  • Worked in technology diverse tech stack which includes Hadoop, Pig, Hive, R, Python, Java and JavaScript.
  • Under Geo: Built a framework for Ingesting all third party data.
  • Developed learning Models with Enriched (Geo, Places, POIs etc) AdServe Data to achieve better performance.
  • Under Performance I was responsible for UAC (Universal App catalogue) and LTV based prediction and service associated with it.
  • Under Data we built a BSSID Geocoder for Infering locations based on Wifi SSID, a lot of reporting and feedbacks were incorporated.
Senior Software Engineer - Google
July 2011- January 2013

Worked as a Senior Software engineer - Full Stack

  • Worked on a Project management tool which was used by Google’s internal teams like Maps and Street view to streamline their processes.
  • Achieved readability in Python, to do code reviews for Python across Google
Senior Open Source Developer - HT Media
December 2010- July 2011

Worked as a Senior Software engineer - Full Stack

  • Worked as Search expert on Shine.com, a job portal.
  • Also worked on htcampus.com on a module which lets students apply for colleges directly through htcampus.
  • Rebuild and Inhoused Shine.com within 9 months. It was a celebrated achievement throughout the company
Senior Software Engineer - Position2
June 2008- December 2010

Worked as a full stack engineer

  • AutoBidding Platform for PPC which basically used historical keyword level data to predict bids for Platforms like Google Adwords, MSN and Yahoo.
  • Keyword Generation Tool (SEO) For creating a lot of related keywords based on the base set for optimization purposes, It created something like WordNet.
  • Brand Monitor, A Tool for monitoring online social media/ mainstream media presence. This tool was later sold to ThisMoment Inc.


2004 - 2008
Bachelor of Technology
ICFAI Tech, Hyderabad
GPA: 7.4 out of 10
B Tech


Wedding website
HTML Javascript
Wedding website
My Wedding website using scrollorama
HTML Javascript
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